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Buy Evergreen Renewable Energy Blocks

Be the change you want to see in the world
Now you can support renewable energy without owning your own wind turbine or solar panels. Participate in Evergreen, a voluntary green power program for members of Polk-Burnett Electric Cooperative. In addition to your normal electric bill, you elect to pay $1.50 each month to help offset the higher cost of renewable energy generation.

Evergreen renewable energy comes from the wind, sun and waste-to-energy sources such as landfill gas. Your participation in Evergreen supports our efforts to increase  renewable generation above and beyond any state requirements.

By participating in Evergreen you can do more to support renewable energy and protect the environment.

Evergreen Application (PDF, Print and Submit to Polk-Burnett)

Evergreen Q&A (PDF)

For more information, contact us:
800-421-0283 or e-mail


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