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Co-op celebrates history, future during Co-op Month

Co-op Month Message

by General Manager Steve Stroshane

Polk-Burnett joins 30,000 cooperatives nationwide in October to celebrate National Co-op Month, which recognizes the many ways cooperatives are committed to strengthening the local communities we serve. 

"Delivering safe, reliable electricity is our top priority," said General Manager Steve Stroshane, "but we are also invested in our communities because we are locally owned and operated. Revenue generated by Polk-Burnett goes back to Main Street, not Wall Street. Just last month, we returned $1.86 million to co-op members in Capital Credits." 

Our legacy of being local, not-for-profit and member-owned goes back to 1938. Polk-Burnett was formed when neighbors worked together to bring electricity to our rural community. Big investor-owned power companies had no interest in serving rural areas because they thought they couldn't generate enough profit with the higher costs involved in serving low-population and low-density areas. Today, Polk-Burnett delivers reliable power on a not-for-profit basis to more than 20,000 members in rural areas.  

Beyond providing vital power co-op members depend on, Polk-Burnett demonstrates a strong commitment to community that improves our local quality of life. 

We have awarded $684,000 in Operation Round-Up grants since 1998 and $599,000 in co-op scholarships since 1987. This year, we increased our scholarship awards to $56,250! If you know a student in the class of 2018, please invite him or her to apply.

To celebrate Co-op Month, we're giving away free LEDs. When you stop in to pick up your bulb, let us know how we're doing.

Happy Co-op Month! We appreciate your membership.




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