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2016 Scholarship Winners  | 2016 Youth Tour Delegates

Win a $1,250 scholarship and a trip to Washington, D.C.
Polk-Burnett is pleased to offer community service scholarships to the sons and daughters of co-op members. As a cooperative, Polk-Burnett has a strong commitment to youth and community. Each year since 1987, high school seniors are selected to receive scholarships to continue their education. The program recognizes the sons and daughters of members who demonstrate cooperative spirit through service to others. The Polk-Burnett scholarship is based on community service, not academic grades, athletic performance or financial need.

Applications and deadlines
Applications are posted in the fall of each school year. All students who apply for the Polk-Burnett scholarship are invited to apply for the NRECA Youth Tour of Washington, D.C. The deadline to submit applications is in January.

Class of 2016 Scholarship Application (PDF) Deadline: January 1 2016

Scholarship eligibility
1.  You must be a high school senior, graduating this school year
2.  You must be continuing your education after high school at a technical school, college or university
3.  You must be the son, daughter or legal dependent of a Polk-Burnett member
Note: A member is someone who buys electricity from the co-op; parent/guardian must be named on electric account
4.  You must demonstrate community service, according to instructions on scholarship application

Scholarship funding
Polk-Burnett is owned by its members and guided by a nonprofit, cooperative philosophy. When the cooperative makes money beyond expenses, the difference if refunded to eligible members as Capital Credits. Prior to 1987, Polk-Burnett was required to give unclaimed Capital Credits to the State of Wisconsin. Now, the co-op can use these dollars for education, and we are proud to offer scholarship to the children of our members. Scholarships are funded with unclaimed Capital Credit dollars and do not affect electric rates.

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