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Daily availability charge replaces monthly basic electric charge on bill

Availability charge chartThe monthly basic electric charge has been changed to a daily availability charge on your new statement. This better communicates the actual cost of making electricity available to you on a daily basis. Charges for off-peak meters and security lights have also changed from monthly to daily.

The availability charge is $1.18367 per day for residential members. It was formerly itemized on the bill as the basic electric charge of $36 per month. 

This is not a rate increase, it simply breaks the monthly charge down to a daily charge of 365 days per year. 

What is the availability charge? 
The daily availability charge covers your share of the cost to build and maintain power lines and the electric system that makes power available at your location. This charge is higher in rural areas because costs are shared by fewer members. 

What is the kWh energy charge?
The kWh energy charge covers the cost of electricity you actually use, including its generation and transmission from the power plant.

Beginning in October, your electric bill has a new look. Check it out!


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