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EnergySense Rebates

Energy Sense is a co-op program with energy saving ideas, rebates and inEnergySense logocentives designed for you, the member, to conserve energy, preserve our environment and lower energy bills. 
Together we can make a difference.

Appliance rebate
ECM Blower / Heat Pump (HVAC) rebate
Conservation rebate
Home improvement rebate
Home performance audit rebate 
New home rebate
Recycling demanufacturing form
Water heater rebate
Wind / Solar PV / E-Vehicle rebate

Additional rebates:

Agricultural / Commercial / Industrial rebate 
Compressed air rebate 
Custom rebates 

Changes for 2018:
Rebates no longer available for 2018:  
   CFL Bulbs
   WI-FI Thermostats
   Central Air Conditioners  (air source heat pump rebates still available)
Rebates amount changes in 2018:
   LED Bulbs:  Rebate will be 20% of the cost of the bulb up to $1  (night lights, flashlights, and solar lights do not qualify)
   Lighting fixtures: $1/800 Lumens
   Geothermal rebate increases from $300 to $400/ton in 2018

When filling out rebate forms:
Please make sure you include your electric account number and location number found in the upper right hand corner of your electric bill in blue.  This will help ensure that the credit amount is applied to the right account.

Supporting documentation for rebates
If your sales receipt is not specific to the kind of light bulb or fixture and cannot be looked up online based on the item number on the receipt for that item, then copies of the packaging front and back will be required to prove the qualifying purchase.  Please keep the packaging and if needed, you will be contacted to provide additional supporting documentation.

Qualifying appliances:
The Energy Guide is just that, a guide.  To receive a rebate it must be an Energy Star rated appliance.  First look for the appliance that you like.  Check the energy guide.  If there is no Energy Star symbol on the energy guide then ask for assistance in finding a similar model that is an energy star rated appliance to qualify for the rebate.

Qualifying HVAC Equipment:
For all air source heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, and new furnaces, the required AHRI certificate must show/prove that the equipment meets the requirements stated on the rebate form.  In some instances if you are not upgrading all components of a new central air system, although it is energy efficient, it may not qualify for Polk-Burnett rebates. Make sure to verify with your installer if the unit will qualify as installed or what the cost would be to upgrade to meet the requirements.  If purchasing furnace or heat pump from anyone but a licensed heating contractor you will need to also provide the complete warranty for the unit.

Equipment must be new and unused and must be purchased in 2018 and installed on Polk-Burnett lines.  We advise you to submit rebate claims as soon  after the product is purchased.  Rebates are subject to change without notice.  Rebates are in effect through December 31, 2018, or until funds, by incentive or total, are depleted.

Rebates will not exceed 20% of the purchase price.  Possible exception: Recycling.


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