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LED & CFL Bulbs

LED Light ImageRebates & Savings
LEDs and CFLs use 70-90% less energy and last 10x longer than standard bulbs.  To encourage members to make energy efficiency a priority, Polk-Burnett and Dairyland Power Cooperative offer rebates on LED and CFL bulbs.  Visit our EnergySense rebate page for details on lighting rebates and other energy-efficiency incentives. 

How do I know which LED to purchase?
LED bulbs use less wattage than incandescent and CFL bulbs, but what do you look for when purchasing an LED bulb?
Brightness is a description of light output, which is measured in lumens (not watts) - more lumens more light.
Light color is measured on a temperature scale referred to as Kelvin (K) - warmer/softer light or cooler/whiter light.

  • Lower Kelvin numbers mean the light appears more yellow; higher Kelvin numbers mean the light is whiter or bluer.
  • Most Energy Star LED certified bulbs are made to match the color of incandescent bulbs at 2700-3000K.
  • For a whiter light, look for bulbs marked 3500 - 4100 K (good for kitchens and work spaces).
  • For a bluer white light, look for bulbs marked 5000 - 6500 K (good for reading).

Safety and Disposal: CFL Cleanup Chart
It’s true CFLs last longer and use less energy. However, they do contain a small trace of mercury (about 4 milligrams), so it’s important to recycle them when they burn out and follow safety procedures if they break. Overall, CFLs do more benefit than harm; they actually reduce mercury pollution by reducing the need for energy from coal-fired power plants.

If you break a CFL bulb:

  • Open windows to vent room
  • Turn off heat or A/C blowers
  • Scoop broken glass using stiff paper or cardboard and place into a plastic bag
  • Use sticky tape to pick up any small fragments
  • Wipe area with damp paper towel
  • Place tape and towel in plastic bag with broken glass, seal and dispose
  • Only vacuum if needed after all visible material is removed
  • Then put vacuum bag or vacuum debris into sealed bag before disposal

CFL bulbs can be recycled at the Polk County Recycling Center, A&H Recycling Center, Midtown Transfer Station, Grantsburg Recycling Center, Oakland Collection Center or check with your local hardware store.

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