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New electric bill helps you understand your energy use and cost

Polk-Burnett has improved your monthly billing statement to highlight valuable information about your electricity use and its cost. 

As a cooperative, Polk-Burnett sets rates to cover the actual cost of delivering electricity to your home, farm or business, and we are transparent about these actual costs and your energy use on your billing statement.  We know information is powerful, and we want to help you take control of the electricity you use and the money you pay for it. 

The following are bill improvements you'll see beginning in October:

A. Monthly Co-op News
Watch for money-saving rebates, special offers, co-op news and events.

B. Personalized Bill Messages
This is a personalized message about your electric account. Urgent messages, such as disconnects, will print in RED. Your Capital Credit yearly allocation and balance remaining to be paid will also print.

C. Account Overview
Want a quick overview of your bill without the clutter of details? Your account overview is on the front of your statement and provides basic information, such as payments received, total current charges and amount due.

D. Payment Options
We know you’re busy! That’s why we provide many convenient options to pay your electric bill, allowing you to choose the best option for you! 

E. Current Charges
For more details about your bill, see the back of your statement. 

F. Usage Comparison
See how your current bill compares to the previous billing period and the same period last year.  The weather can affect your electricity use, so now you can compare the average temperature for these billing periods too!

New: Daily Availability Charge
The monthly basic electric charge has been changed to a daily availability charge on your new statement, beginning in October. Learn more.

New bill example

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