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Polk-Burnett Policies

Polk-Burnett Policies

One of the responsibilities of a director is approving the policies that govern the cooperative.  All of the links below will open a PDF version of the board and member policies.  If you are unable to open a link, please contact the cooperative at 800-421-0283.

Board of Director Policies

BD-1: Board/Staff Relationship
BD-2: Committees of the Board
BD-2a: Audit Committee
BD-3: Appearance by Member or Others at Regular Board Meetings
    BD-3: Attachment
BD-4: Legal Services
BD-5: Annual Audit
BD-6: Equity Level
BD-7: Investment of General Funds
BD-8: Check Signatures
BD-9: Funds Handling
BD-10:  Directors' Expenses & Per Diem
BD-11: Electronic Communication Devices for Directors and Attorney
BD-12:  Delegating Administrative Duties of Corporate Officers
BD-14: ROPE (Restoration of Power in Emergencies)
BD-15: Joint Use of Poles
BD-16: Economic Development
BD-17: Guidelines for Director Election Process
BD-18: Bylaw Amendments
BD-19: Redistricting Guidelines
BD-20: Proprietary Information
BD-21: Review of Business Records and Financial Data
BD-23: Code of Ethics
BD-24: Identity Theft Prevention
BD-25: Strategic Planning
BD-26: Internal Control Systems
BD-27: Records Management
BD-28: Director Education
BD-30:  Energy Rate Design Guidelines
BD-31:  Succession Management
BD-32: Destruction of Proprietary Information

Member Policies

M-1: Application for Membership and Electric Service
M-2: Electric Rights-of-Way and Easements
M-3: Classification of Consumers
M-4: New, Non-Commercial, Single-Phase Electric Line Extension Policy
M-5: Incentive & Rebate Program
M-6: Prepay Program
M-8: Billing
M-9: Billing Adjustments
M-10: Collections
M-11: Member Deposits
M-13: Discontinuance of Service
M-14: Disconnection & Reconnection Fees
M-16: Meters
M-17: Member's Wiring & Equipment
M-18: Member's Responsibility
M-19: Theft/Tampering with Cooperative Facilities 
M-20: Theft of Electricity
M-21: Use of Cooperative Material, Equipment & Personnel
M-22: Capital Credit Allocations and Distribution
M-23: Facility Relocation Due to Highway Improvements 
M-24: Member Requests for Information
   M-24 Form
M-25: Energy Conservation & Load Management 
M-26:  Neutral to Earth Voltage (Stray Voltage) 
M-27: Used Poles
M-30: Third Party Disconnect Notice
M-31: Right-of-Way Clearing
M-32: Distributive Generation
M-33: Disposition of Offers to Acquire All or Substantially All of the Cooperative's Assets
M-34: Non-Metered (Idle) Services
M-35: House Moves
M-36: Motor Starting Currents
M-38: Member Changes to Cooperative Facilities
M-39: Safety First-Farm Rewiring Grant and Loan Program 
M-40: Member Request for a Specific Type of Primary Power Line Construction
M-42:  Rate Schedule
M-43:  Water Heater Service


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