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Prepay Your Way


No due dates. No late fees. No deposits.


With Prepay Your Way, you purchase electricity before you use it, the same way you buy groceries or gasoline. This gives you more flexibility and control over the use of electricity. It allows you to control your budget and purchase electricity when it is convenient for you. You choose the payment method, how much and when to pay. There are no additional costs. The same rates and monthly charges apply.  


How do I know if my Prepay account is low?

Low balance alerts are sent via phone and/or email when your account reaches a balance amount selected by you. The alert can be set at a specific dollar amount or when your account has an estimated 5 days of electric use left.


What happens if my account runs out of money?

When your balance reaches zero, your electric service is subject to disconnection. Weather will not postpone disconnection of service. 


What else should I know before signing up?
  • Your daily usage and daily balance can be viewed at anytime through the SmartHub application.
  • You will continue to receive a monthly billing statement.
  • Energy Assistance payments will be applied to your Prepay Your Way account when they are received by the cooperative.
  • If your Prepay Your Way balance reaches zero, service is subject to disconnection with a potential disconnect fee of $50.


How can I start my Prepay Your Way account?
  • Call 715-646-2191 or 800-421-0283 to speak with an electric billing representative.
  • A Prepay Your Way Service Agreement will need to be read and signed.  If an Application for Electric Service & Co-op Membership is not on file, one will need to be completed and signed.
  • All energy used up to the date of activation of Prepay Your Way must be paid, along with a minimum $50 initial purchase.
  • The minimum requirement for all future purchases is $10.



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