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Quality products bring value, efficiency and savings to your home or business

Polk-Burnett offers quality electric products to benefit our members, including water heaters, electric thermal storage units and mini boilers. These affordable products have proven themselves to be worth the investment for members. When put on Polk-Burnett's dual fuel or storage off-peak electric program, our products provide a low operating cost for home heating and domestic water heating.

To qualify for off peak you must have electric hard wired heat and/or an electric water heater of 80 gallons or more.  Polk Burnett requires a subtract metering setup for off peak.  You will need a 100 amp Milbank meter socket $45 plus tax to meter the usage on 1 circuit of a qualifying load and you will also need an off peak CT panel $175 plus tax for more than 1 circuit of qualifying load.  wiring instructions

To help determine where your household energy is being spent consider purchasing a plug-in 120V Kill-a-Watt Monitor metering device.  This monitor will show you the amperage, voltage, wattage, and kWh consumption of your appliances and electric devices.

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You can also request infromation by submitting a product information request form e-mail member services, 800-421-0283, ext. 595.


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