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Propane Application for Service

For New Sets

Polk-Burnett services from propane tank to the regulator on the building. All inside service work is the responsibility of a certified heating and plumbing contractor.

Yearly tank rental ONLY if you DO NOT use 50% of tank capacity per year.

The following appliances use propane in my home (please check appropriate items)

AUTO-DELIVERY: Deliveries are scheduled by Polk-Burnett in an effort to maintain uninterrupted gas service at your residence or business providing your account is current. IMPORTANT: Auto-Delivery is just an estimate. It uses past history and outdoor temperatures in estimating what percent your tank is at. If you have heavy sporadic usage, or inconsistent usage, this will throw the estimate off. So we ask you to check your tank periodically and call or email us with updated tank percentages if there are any changes and/or spikes in usage. We also request you keep us updated on the addition of propane appliances, or if an alternate heat source is being used.

WILL CALL: Deliveries are initiated by you, the customer. You are required to give a 5 business day notice when the tank gauge reads 20-25%. If an immediate delivery is needed, Polk-Burnett will do its best to accommodate, however, extra charges will be assessed.
Code requirements on "out-of-gas" deliveries:
-Leak test must also be performed per NFPA Regulations.
-Company requirements: Polk-Burnett will not make the delivery on an out-of-gas situation unless someone is either at the location or the house is accessible to our service technician.

You authorize us to contact you on the phone numbers listed (daytime phone, night phone or cell phone) for any purpose or emergency.

Polk-Burnett also recommends that you employ the service of a neighbor or caretaker to check on your residence/business if you're gone for more than 2 days.

Polk-Burnett will not be held responsible for uncontrollable circumstances such as malfunctioning gauges, regulators, gas piping or other related products; or damages to personal property that may occur due to an empty tank or freeze up for a non-delivery due to an outstanding balance. The owner is responsible for soil erosion and conditions influencing the stability of the tank.

All roads and driveways must be accessible by our delivery trucks and have branch or tree clearing of 12' x 12'.

In no event will Polk-Burnett be responsible for any property loss.
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