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Board of Directors


Polk-Burnett Board of Directors
As a cooperative, Polk-Burnett is owned and democratically controlled by its members and governed by a board of directors elected from the membership. The directors represent the best interests of all members when making policy decisions for the co-op. Board responsibilities include annual budgeting and purchasing decisions, system improvements, rate studies and rights-of-way procedures. Polk-Burnett has nine directors, representing nine districts, who serve three-year terms and attend monthly meetings. Director terms expire in June and an election is held each May via mail ballot for eligible voters in three districts. 

If you have a question or concern, please email the general manager.

Polk-Burnett Electric Cooperative Board of Directors

Edward O. Gullickson, President (District 3)
Director since 2008
Lives in:  Amery
Occupation:  Electrical engineering and contracting, custom wood door manufacturing
Community:  Chairman, Town of Garfield
Education:  UW-Stout
Co-op Membership:  Home and business
Michael X. Morris, Vice President (District 2)
Director since 2008
Lives in:  Luck
Occupation:  Math teacher and coach, Unity School District, retired
Community:  Chairman of the financial council, Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Church, Balsam Lake
Education:  UW-River Falls
Co-op Membership:  Home and cabin
Charles A. Brookshaw, Secretary/Treasurer (District 8)
Director from 1999-2007, 2012
Lives in:  Webster
Occupation:  General contractor, residential construction and remodeling

Community:  Devils Lake Association Board
Education: UW-Eau Claire
Co-op Membership:  Home, business and cabin
Cynthia A. Thorman (District 1)
Director since 2005

Lives in:  Osceola
Occupation:  Accounting and journalism, KARE-11 TV, current Delta flight attendant
Community:  Osceola Historical Society, Osceola Main Street Program
Education:  Northwestern College, UW-River Falls
Co-op Membership:  Home
Joseph P. Metro (District 4)
Director since 2016
Lives in:  Balsam Lake
Occupation:  Retired director of facilities management and construction
Community:  Former Mid American Bank advisory board and Citizen Advisory Board on Three Mile Island electrical generation facility in Pensylvania
Education:  US Naval Academy, Bloomburg University
Co-op Membership:  Home

Jeffrey R. Traynor (District 5)
Director since 2015
Lives In:  Balsam Lake
Occupation:  Business owner
Community:  President, Balsam Lake Rod and Gun Club
Education:  Baldwin High School
Co-op Membership:  Home and businesses

Wilfred Owens (District 6)
Director since 2016
Lives in:  Frederic
Occupation:  Owner/operator of Owens Farms, Inc.
Community:  American Jersey Cattle Association, Wisconsin Jersey Breeders, County 4-H Leaders Federation
Education:  UW-River Falls
Co-op Membership:  Home and business
Maury Miller (District 7)
Director since 2015
Lives in:  Danbury
Occupation:  Retired senior vice president, CHS (Cenex) and Land O'Lakes cooperatives
Community:  Burnett County Board of Supervisors, retired
Education:  Gustavus Adlophus College
Co-op Membership:  Lake home
Thomas E. Swenson (District 9)
Director since 2006
Lives in:  Webster
Occupation:  Surveyor and owner of Swenson Land Surveying
Community:  Former board director for Diversified Services
Education:  University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Co-op Membership:  Home and business
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