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Budget Billing

Even out your monthly electric payments, even in the peak seasons of summer and winter, with a Polk-Burnett budget billing plan.

  • Even out the highs and lows of your monthly electric bills
  • Available to residential and seasonal accounts that have been active for a minimum of 12 months with a current accounts receivable balance 
  • Usage from the previous 12 months is averaged to determine your monthly budget billing payment
  • Security light charges and applicable taxes are included in the budget computation
  • Any special or one-time charges are billed additionally in the same month they occur
  • In the 12th month you will receive a settle-up bill for the difference between the amount that has been paid and the amount that has been used; your account is credited or billed according to this difference 
  • A new monthly budget billing amount will be calculated for the next 12 month cycle based on average usage from the most recent 12 months

Call our Polk-Burnett electric billing department at 800-421-0283 or 715-646-2191, option 7, for more details and to enroll.

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