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Disconnect Electric Service

Member requests to disconnect or reconnect electric service are subject to a fee of $100 for disconnection and $100 for reconnection because a line crew must be dispatched.  Requests can be made using our Member Request to Disconnect Service Form.

If your account is simply transferring from one name to another there is no fee to transfer service.  Please help us serve you promptly by ensuring the following forms are completed and received in our Centuria or Siren office as quickly as possible; Account Change Request, with your consumer deposit option selected, and Application.

Our mailing address is:
     Polk-Burnett Electric Cooperative
     Attention:  Electric Billing Department
     1001 State Road 35
     Centuria, WI   54824

Please contact us at 800-421-0283 or 715-646-2191, ext. 335 or menu option 7, or e-mail your request about a week prior to moving to enable us to discontinue or transfer your service when needed.

We have enjoyed serving you and hope we can help you again in the future.  Thank you for your membership in the cooperative.


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