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Economic Development

Polk-Burnett Electric Cooperative supports economic development in its service territory.

We believe economic development leads to:

  1. An improved standard of living for co-op members.
  2. A  better financial future for the cooperative.

Polk-Burnett will promote economic development initiatives to:

  1. Develop and diversify energy sales.
  2. Create and maintain local jobs.

Economic development includes timely and consistent financing opportunities. Financing is intended to: 

  1. Supplement, not compete, with private lenders.
  2. Generate a beneficial return on investments, with minimum risk to co-op members.

Polk-Burnett is proud to be a member of:

  1. Polk County Economic Development Corporation
  2. Burnett County Development Association


For more information:
Polk-Burnett Electric Cooperative Economic Development Programs and matrix or
Economic Development Policy.

Economic Development Application

August 2013 News Release: Polk-Burnett supports construction of Grantsburg fire station with $360,00 economic development loan

May 2014 News Release: Co-op receives economic development award 
May 2014 News Release: Ground broken for co-op funded Grantsburg fire hall

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