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Electronic Thermal Storage (ETS)

Many of Polk-Burnett's members enjoy the benefits provided by a Steffes storage heater:ETS Unit

  • Safe, clean, comfortable heat   
  • No smoke, no fumes, no mess
  • Easy to operate
  • No routine maintenance
  • 100% efficient

When members put an ETS unit on Polk-Burnett's off-peak program, it provides a very economical and safe heating source.

How it works
Energy is stored in high-density ceramic bricks for eight hours overnight and two hours during the day when electricity costs are lower.  On today's newer models, this is done with an outside transceiver, which automatically tells the storage heater how much to charge, based on overnight outdoor temperatures.  This helps assure that you will have plenty of heat to use the next day.

The desired comfort level is regulated by the heater's built-in room thermostat, using a blend of radiant heat from the warm heater surface and convection heat from the fan, as it circulates the stored heat into the room.

Today's 2100 Series room ETS unit offers many unique features, including:

  • Microprocessor technology
  • Low-cost automatic charge control
  • Heater operation display lights
  • Integral digital room temperature thermostat
  • Brick core and air discharge temperature safety controls
  • Variable speed blower

Pricing:  Effective June 1, 2017 - subject to change

     Model              Input (KW)              Member Price             ~Htg Area (sq.ft).
Model 2102            3.0 KW                $1279, plus tax                     350
Model 2103            4.5 KW                $1454, plus tax                     475
Model 2104            6.0 KW                $1643, plus tax                     600
Model 2105            7.5 KW                $1933, plus tax                     750
Model 2106            9.0 KW                $2143, plus tax                     875

Payment terms:  Invoice must be paid and heater(s) must be controlled on Polk-Burnett's off-peak rate within 90 days of purchase or sale is subject to full pricing.  Add an additional $200 to the unit price if not installed on Polk-Burnett lines.

Steffes also offers storage heating in a centrally ducted Comfort Plus furnace and a Comfort Plus Hydronic system. For storage furnaces, please contact a certified Steffes installer/contractor.

For more information about room ETS units sold by Polk-Burnett, contact member services, 800-421-0283, ext. 595 or via e-mail.


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