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Environmental Stewardship

Cooperatives make a difference because we are different. We are motivated by service, not profit. And we take pride in our efforts to put members, our community and our environment at the center of each business decision. We not only work to minimize our impact on the environment, but we also work proactively to preserve and protect our environment. Environmental stewardship activities at Polk-Burnett include:

  1. Building osprey nesting sites in local wildlife areas.
  2. Preserving the habitat of the Karner blue butterfly.
  3. Encouraging energy conservation to decrease our global footprint with Energy Sense rebates.
  4. Meeting our community's energy needs with a diverse mix of fuels, including renewables.
  5. Clearing the right-of-way under power lines to help prevent forest fires, and improve safety and reliabilty.
  6. Offering Evergreen, a voluntary green power program, to support the generation of renewable green power.
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