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Marathon Water Heater


Whether you use electricity, gas or fuel oil, water heating is one of the most costly energy needs in your home.  Polk-Burnett wants to help you save energy dollars.  Our water heaters are an investment that pays for itself in energy savings and long life.

Marathon® water heaters are one of the longest lasting, most energy efficient water heaters on the market.  With a filament-wound fiberglass tank for strength, polybutene inner tank, polyurethane insulation, high-tech heating elements and a polyethylene outer jacket, Marathon® tanks will not rust or corrode. Marathon® water heaters are guaranteed not to leak under normal circumstances for as long as you own your home* and parts are warranted for five years.

The 100-gallon Marathon® water heater is one of the best deals Polk-Burnett can offer our members.  When put on the off-peak rate, it’s the most cost-effective way to heat your domestic water.     
Marathon Water Heater

  • Member price: $750 (savings of $462 off cost) plus tax, must participate in load management     
  • Delivery fee: $50 plus tax
  • Polk-Burnett does not install water heaters
  • At least a 15-year tank warranty for domestic water heating in the home for the original purchaser with proof of purchase
  • 5-year tank warranty for agricultural applications (i.e. dairy barn)
  • You are responsible for the disposal of your old water heater

Won’t it cost more to heat 100-gallons of water for two people?  Why not just a 50-gallon tank?
Because of the high efficiency of the Marathon® 100-gallon water heater and the ability to put it on the off-peak rate, it will actually cost less to heat in the larger tank.  The Marathon® 100-gallon water heater only heats for approximately 15 minutes a day when no water is being used.  Even if operated on the main rate, it will cost no more to heat with the 100-gallon tank than it would with a 50-gallon tank.

Will I run out of hot water with the load management control installed?
Each family’s water usage will vary with the family’s lifestyle needs.  When first installed, the control is set to heat overnight giving you 100 gallons of hot water for each day.  The water heater will be allowed to heat all day on weekends and on holidays.

If you run out of hot water, give us a call and we can adjust the control to work for your family.  In some cases added heating time will put you at the next higher off peak rate.

If you have any questions, please call member services, 800-421-0283, ext. 595 | e-mail.

*Limited warranty when used in rental, agricultural or commercial applications - call for more details


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