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Mini Boiler

What’s better than warm floors during the cold winter months?  Whether you are building a new home or adding on, consider installing an in-floor water heating system, one of the fastest growing methods of home heating.  In-floor water heat is a safe, clean, efficient source of heating; and when installed on Polk-Burnett’s off-peak rate, can save you money on your heating costs.  It can be installed in residential and commercial applications either in the basement floor, slab on grade or both.

With radiant floor heating, the living space is heated by circulating warm water through tubing in the floor.  When the thermostat calls for heat, the boiler elements heat the water flowing through the system. The heat in the tubes radiates to the floor surface and rises evenly throughout the room above.  The result is evenly distributed room temperatures, giving you the comfort you look for in a heating system.

In-floor radiant water systems are generally heated using a boiler.   Polk-Burnett sells the heating vessel*.

Electro Boiler Pricing
Electro manufactures boilers in four different series.  Below are the models most ordered by Polk-Burnett.  See Electro brochure BL006 (Dealer/product sales/more) for dimensions, output and wiring needs.

Mini Boiler Series
EMB-S-9 KW Mini Boiler    $900 plus tax                    

Midsize Series
EB-MA-10 KW                                        
EB-MA-15 KW                                      

TS Series
EB-WA-13.5 KW                                     
EB-WA-18.0 KW                                     
EB-WA-23.0 KW                                     
EB-WA-27.0 KW                                   

Commercial Series boilers are also available for commercial applications.

For more information, including pricing,  or to order a boiler, call member services, 800-421-0283, ext. 595 via e-mail.

*Note:  Expansion tank, circulator pump, manifolds, pressure and temperature gauges, tubing, etc. must be purchased from your heating contractor.

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