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Power Line Safety Demonstrations

Polk-Burnett brings powerful safety message to schools, first responders and fire departmentsPower line safety demonstration
With a true-to-life series of flashes, flames, sizzles and smoke, Polk-Burnett linemen demonstrate power line safety during live, high-voltage demonstrations for local school children, firefighters and first responders.

Safety messages for children:

  • Keep kites, toys and balls away from power lines
  • Stay away from trees that contact power lines when climbing or building forts
  • Stay away from green transformer boxes found in many rural yards

Polk-Burnett linemen warn children to stay away from power lines. They are dangerous! 

Topics for firefighters and first responders:

  • Knowing the difference between power lines that are energized and those that are not (always assume lines are live and dangerous!)
  • Providing assistance to someone who makes an electrical contact
  • Responding to accidents involving vehicles and power lines or green transformer boxes
  • Learning safe ways to disconnect power during a fire

If your school, fire department or emergency response agency would like more information about power line safety demonstrations, contact Polk-Burnett’s line superintendent, 800-421-0283, ext. 322, or e-mail.


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