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Electric Rates

Polk-Burnett Electric Deposit and Fee Schedule

Rates for New Electric Service Installation

Electric rates restructured in 2016
Polk-Burnett rates were restructured in January 2016. The basic charge increased and the kWh charge decreased. New rates recover costs, they do not increase revenue. Read more here.  

As a non-profit electric cooperative, Polk-Burnett charges only what it costs to keep the lights on for members; rates are not marked up to generate profit. The directors and employees of Polk-Burnett watch expenses carefully and are committed to providing electricity at the lowest possible cost. 

What is the basic electric charge?
Your monthly basic electric charge is the power distribution cost. This covers your equal share of expenses to purchase, build and maintain power lines, substations and other equipment to ensure that power is available at your location. All members pay the basic electric charge for each electric account each month regardless of the amount of energy used.

The basic monthly charge is based on the number of services per mile of power line. Polk-Burnett builds and maintains one mile of power line for every six members; electric companies in more populated areas serve and spread costs among more than 20 customers per mile. Delivering energy in rural areas requires a greater investment from the co-op and its members.



What is the kWh energy charge?
Your monthly kWh energy charge is the wholesale power generation cost. This covers the cost of electricity you actually use, including its generation and transmission from the power plant.

Summer and winter rates
This rate schedule includes separate rates for winter and summer, with higher rates in the summer months when demand is higher. Winter rates are October through May and summer rates are June through September. Rates are higher in summer because demand and wholesale power costs are higher. Co-op members use more electricity during the hottest days of summer than they do on the coldest days of the winter. As a result, power costs more during the summer than in the winter.

Helping members conserve and save
Polk-Burnett employees are always looking for ways to help members conserve and save, while creating greater comfort in your home. We offer off-peak electric heating systems and low off-peak rates at a significant cost-savings. The co-op also offers EnergySense rebates on energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, geothermal systems, lighting and appliances.Plus, home performance tests help identify areas to tighten your home for more efficient heating and cooling. The co-op offers rebates on these tests and home improvements.

For more information about electricity rates and tips to conserve and save, contact Polk-Burnett member services at 800-421-0283 ext. 595 or via e-mail.

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