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Renewable Energy

Polk-Burnett supports the development of renewable energy to diversify generation resources, provide clean energy for our members and help keep energy rates stable for the future. We also advocate conservation and the efficient use of energy.

To achieve these goals, Polk-Burnett provides:

  • Energy Sense rebates to help members conserve and save with energy-efficient appliances, lighting, HVAC, as well as geothermal and renewable energy systems.
  • Load management with off-peak electric service and products to reduce the need for power generation.
  • Energy Savers to help members conserve and save.
  • Consultations to improve residential and commercial energy use. Contact member services, 800-421-0283, ext. 595, or e-mail.
  • Co-generation/net metering to purchase excess power generated by consumer-owned renewable energy system. 
  • Evergreen green power program to support the generation of renewable power, beyond governmental requirements.

Polk-Burnett does not own or operate power plants; we are a distribution co-op. Electricity is purchased from Dairyland Power Cooperative. The 2016 generation mix includes:

  • 70% from coal
  • 10% from wind, solar and other renewables
  • 7% from natural gas
  • 13% other

Dairyland is working to reduce coal generation to about 50% by 2025.

See Dairyland Power Cooperative's 2016 Renewable Energy Program (PDF).

A diverse mix of renewable generation includes:

Flambeau Hydroelectric Station
Dairyland Power Cooperative, Polk-Burnett’s energy supplier, has owned and operated the Flambeau Hydroelectric Station since 1951. This 22 MW water-powered generating facility is located on the Flambeau River near Ladysmith, Wisconsin. Water from Lake Flambeau, formed by the construction of a dam, supplies the energy to power the plant’s generators. Water flows through the generators and down the Flambeau River. 

Landfill Gas-to-Energy Facilities
Polk-Burnett’s energy supplier, Dairyland Power Cooperative, provides renewable energy from landfill gas-to-energy facilities in Eau Claire, Bruce and Lake Mills, Iowa. As trash decomposes, it produces methane gas, which fuels generators and creates electricity. This innovative technology turns something negative (garbage) into a positive (renewable energy). Nearly 12,000 homes in Dairyland's system can be powered by landfill gas.

Wind Farms
Dairyland Power Cooperative, Polk-Burnett’s energy supplier, provides renewable energy from wind farms in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. Wind energy powers nearly 10,000 homes in the cooperative system.  

Dairyland Power Cooperative, Polk-Burnett energy's supplier, announced 12 new solar projects in 2016 totaling more than 15 MW of renewable energy. In 2014, Diaryland expanded its renewable resources with the addition of large solar energy arrays in Vernon, Wisconsin and Rochester, Minnesota.

Evergreen programEvergreen Green Power Program
Support generation of renewable power with Evergreen, a voluntary green power program for co-op members.

For more information, contact member services, 800-421-0283, ext. 595 or e-mail.     

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