If your project involves new construction or you are making changes to your existing electric service, please click the appropriate button below to fill out and submit your information.  The paperwork is also available at either of the Polk-Burnett Electric Cooperative offices, Centuria or Siren, and can be mailed or emailed upon request. 

Once we have the paperwork in the office, an engineering technician will review your documents and contact you (or your contractor) to discuss your project.

Remember to call Diggers Hotline (800-242-8511 or 811) or request a locate at the Diggers Hotline website, three (3) business days before you dig to get all the public utilities marked on your property. 

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Installing Your Electric Service

Congratulations on your new construction and welcome to Polk-Burnett Electric Cooperative! We know you are eager to hook up your electric service to power your lights, appliances, electronics and so much more. We’ve developed a simple checklist to help you through the process.