Security Lights

Security lights are available to all Polk-Burnett Electric Cooperative members. The electricity to operate a security light is not tracked through your meter. Members pay a flat daily rate for the use and maintenance of the light. The security light is automatically controlled; it comes on when it gets dark and goes off when it gets light.

The energy efficient LED light is available in two sizes:

  • Approx. 4,400-Lumen LED - Daily rate is $0.3781 (37.81 cents per day - approx $11.50 per month)

  • Approx. 7,700-Lumen LED - Daily rate is $0.4849 (48.49 cents per day - approx $14.75 per month)

Lumens are a measure of brightness, the amount of light produced.

Polk-Burnett LED security lights are approved by International Dark Sky Association and were tested by a local lake association.

There is no installation fee to install a security light on an existing pole that has an available power source. However, transformer poles and poles with high voltage (primary) wires cannot have security lights installed on them due to safety and power quality reasons.

If a pole needs to be set specifically for a security light, there is an installation fee of $500 plus $3.50 per foot of line extension.  The engineering technician will assess each situation and give a full cost estimate before any work begins. 

There are two sizes of lights available for installation: 

  1. Approx. 4,400-Lumen LED - Daily rate:  $0.3781 (37.81 cents per day) or approximately $11.50 per month
  2. Approx. 7,700-Lumen LED - Daily rate:  $0.4849 (48.49 cents per day) or approximately $14.75 per month

The daily rate includes all electric usage, required maintenance and replacement if necessary.

Polk-Burnett security lights can be installed on existing poles where electric service is available (with the exception of transformer or primary poles). A pole can be installed for an additional charge if there is no approved pole in the vicinity.  An estimated cost will be provided and is due prior to the installation of the pole.  Security lights will only be installed on Polk-Burnett poles and the distance from an approved power source cannot be greater than 150 feet. 

Polk-Burnett installs dusk to dawn security lights. The light comes on when it gets dark and goes off when it gets light. Installing and maintaining a switch would raise the cost of the installation and also the monthly maintenance fee. If you would prefer a security light that could be turned on and off, please contact an electrician for the installation of a privately owned security light. 

If you are interested in having a security light installed on your property, please fill out the security light agreement form and submit to Polk-Burnett. The form is available by clicking on the Apply Now button or visit us at the Centuria or Siren office for a paper copy. Once we have the signed agreement, an engineering technician will contact you to further discuss the installation process. 

If a request is made to change the size of the light on the pole or change the direction the light faces on the pole, a $100 trip charge may be assessed.  If you request the pole and light to be relocated to a different location, additional installation fees will apply.