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Keep your electric service line out of harm's way

Fee-based conversion of your electric service line from overhead to underground

Members of Polk-Burnett Electric Cooperative may convert individual electric service lines from overhead to underground. Your service line connects your home to the transformer and primary power lines. This is an option for an additional fee.

Benefits of underground service

1. Reduces outages, blinks, and damage to your meter socket and mast caused by tree branches and severe weather. 
2. Eliminates the need for right-of-way clearing under individual service line on your property. 
3. Looks better! No more power lines over your yard.

Your power may still be affected by an underground fault or outage down the line, but overall reliability improves.

Underground installation fee

Members pay for the service line to your home, and investing in an underground service line can be more expensive to (re)build. Installation requires trenching or plowing, and may require a padmount transformer box.

Contact us to get started

A co-op staking engineer will determine the best route for an underground power line on your property, and we will quote your cost for conversion. Call us to get started, 800-421-0283, ext. 308 or 365.