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Wisconsin electric cooperatives, the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association and Safe Electricity launched the License to Live safety campaign to ensure drivers know what to do if they are in an auto accident that involves power lines or other electrical equipment.

The campaign was sparked by Carol Blaken, member relations manager at Jackson Electric Cooperative, after witnessing an accident in which a teen driver hit a utility pole and had a close call with a life-threatening electrical contact.

Realizing how many drivers of all ages are unaware of the danger of downed power lines, Blaken and a group of electric co-op employees across Wisconsin created the License to Live campaign to save lives through education and awareness.

License to Live is aimed at making sure people know exactly what to do if your car comes into contact with a utility pole or wire.

The campaign’s key message: Always assume the ground is energized. Stay in your vehicle until utility professionals have confirmed that the power is off!

1. STAY IN YOUR vehicle and call 911.

2. ONLY get out of the vehicle if it is on fire.

3. IF you must get out, jump from the vehicle with both feet together, and shuffle your feet on the ground as you move away from the scene.

4. ALWAYS assume all wires and equipment are electrified.

Wisconsin electric cooperatives are working to share this safety message and incorporate License to Live into state driver’s education curriculum.

We encourage everyone to share this video with teens and drivers of all ages. It could save a life!

Learn more about License to Live on the Safe Electricity website,