Special price on Marathon® water heaters!

Water heater must be installed on Polk-Burnett electric lines within 60 days and participate in the load management program. 

Co-op member price for the Marathon® water heater:  $850 plus tax, regularly $1,610!

Marathon® water heaters are one of the longest lasting, most energy efficient water heaters on the market. 
Seamless, blow-molded polybutene inner tank will not rust or corrode, outer tank resists dents and scratches.
Two-and-a-half inches of polyurethane foam insulation minimizes heat loss, thus helping reduce energy consumption.
Bowl-shaped bottom for easier, more complete draining.
Titanium lower element for superior resistance to lime build-up.

The 100-gallon Marathon® water heater is one of the best deals Polk-Burnett can offer our members.  When put on the off-peak rate, it’s the most cost-effective way to heat your domestic water. 

Height:  70 3/4" to the top of the pipe (3" pipe)

Tank:  67 3/4" to the top of the physical tank

Diameter:  30 1/4"

Must be installed on Polk-Burnett electric lines

Must participate in load control

Member price:  $850 plus tax (that's over $750 savings!)

Delivery fee:  $50 plus tax

Polk-Burnett does not install water heaters

Because of the high efficiency of the Marathon® 100-gallon water heater and the ability to put it on the off-peak rate, it will actually cost less to heat in the larger tank.  The Marathon® 100-gallon water heater only heats for approximately 15-20 minutes a day when no water is being used.  Because of the built-in insulation, the tank holds its heat very well, resulting in very little heat loss.  Even if operated on the main rate, it will cost no more to heat with the 100-gallon tank than it would with a 50-gallon tank.

Each family's water usage will vary with the family's lifestyle needs.  When first installed, the control is set to heat overnight giving you 100 gallons of hot water for each day.  The water heater will be allowed to heat all day on weekends and holidays.

If you run out of hot water, give us a call and we can adjust the control time to work for your family. 

In some cases added heating time will put you at the next highest off-peak rate.

Since the bottom of the inner bladder of the tank is beveled above the drain valve, regular flushing is all that is needed.  Please refer to the owners manual as to how often you should flush the tank.

Flushing the tank:  Hook a hose to the drain valve, open the drain valve, let the water flush through the tank until it runs clear.  Turn off the drain valve and unhook the hose.

Note:  Please refer to the owners manual before draining. It is not recommended to drain your water heater unless you have to.  Since it is a polybutelene tank there is a different procedure to drain the tank than a regular metal tank; if done incorrectly you may void the warranty.

Polk-Burnett offers minimal service (element and thermostat replacement) to electric water heaters that participate in and are control on our load management program.

Call Polk-Burnett first if you are experiencing problems with your electric hot water heater.  We can determine if you are experiencing a control time issue or if there is a problem with the water heater.

Service calls are scheduled Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Marathon warranties the tank against leaking under normal circumstances; if properly installed.

*Residential - lifetime warranty on tank
*Commercial or rental - 10 years on tank
*Agricultural or milkhouse - 5 years on tank 

*Note:  - Warranty is good for original owner, original location, properly installed - please refer to owner's manual for more details