Outage Text Alert LogoOutage text alerts for co-op members
If we have your cell phone number, we’ll send you a text alert when the power goes out at your location.

We know that power outages are inconvenient and can cause problems for you and your family, your businesses and farms. You’ve told us that you want better communication when your lights go out. We’re listening and responding. 

1. Receive a text when the power goes out at your location.
2. Receive text updates with outage cause and estimated restoration time, when possible.
3. Receive a text when power is restored at your location.

“A text is a simple way for us to let you know about an outage,” said Operations Manager Jesse Seering. “Our goal is to restore power safely and efficiently, while keeping you informed.”

Members will receive your first text when you have an outage at your location. You will not be charged for text messaging, and you can opt out at any time.


What if I’m already signed up for outage text alerts?
You don’t need to do anything. You’ll be automatically included in the new texting program that goes to everyone with a cell phone number on file.

What if I have multiple electric accounts?
You will receive a text alert for each meter affected by an outage. The text will include the service address of the meter.

Can I opt out?
Yes, if you don’t want outage texts from us, you can easily opt out anytime you receive a text message by replying STOP.

Can I re-enroll after opting out?
Yes, if you decide you’d like to re-enroll after opting out, text OUTAGE to 55050 the next time you have an outage at your location and the system will add you back in. Make sure you text OUTAGE using a cell phone and number tied to your electric account.

Need assistance? Contact us at 800-421-0283, ext. 335. We're happy to help.

Make sure your account information is up to date, especially your cell number, to stay in the know if your power goes out. 

Update Cell Number on Your Electric Account