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SteveStroshaneGMweb150px.jpgby General Manager Steve Stroshane

Electricity is efficient, clean and smart. About 20% of the electricity distributed to co-op members comes from renewable sources, and that number is growing. A greener grid, paired with energy efficiency makes electricity a smart choice.

We rely on electricity. It powers our day right from the start: You wake up to an alarm. Your phone charges overnight. Your morning coffee brews in an electric coffee maker, and your breakfast eggs and milk stay cold in the refrigerator. Electricity makes our lives comfortable and productive.

Electricity is becoming the fuel of choice for many appliances and equipment that historically were powered by fossil fuels. For example, electric water heaters warm water overnight (during off-peak times when demand and costs are low) and store hot water for times when you need it. To help you go electric, we sell Marathon water heaters well below the regular price of $1,500. The co-op member price is just $250 for installation in new homes or gas replacements, or $750 for electric upgrades.

Your garage is full of opportunities to go electric. Electric lawn and power tools, such as drills and saws, weed trimmers and lawn mowers, come with a power cord or rechargeable battery. Electric tools are lighter than gasoline models and don't require much maintenance, plus they are quieter and have no fumes! Gas models may be more powerful, but many of us are willing to sacrifice a little power for these benefits.

It's no surprise that interest in electric vehicles (EVs) is growing. EVs enable you to drive emission-free anytime the battery is in use, and owners save money on maintenance and fuel costs. Based on the U.S. average of 12.5¢ per kWh (the co-op rate is even lower, see back), electricity for charging EVs is equal to gasoline priced at $1 per gallon. Co-op members: Get a $350 rebate on an EV charger for your garage, plus lower off-peak rates! 

Geothermal and air source heat pumps are two of the most energy efficient ways to heat and cool your home, and both rely on electricity to operate. We offer rebates to help you make this investment in your home. Tax credits are also available. In all of these cases, members benefit from improved energy efficiency, reduced emissions and quiet operation.

Let us know if we can help you go electric!