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General Manager Steve Stroshaneby General Manager Steve Stroshane

Poor customer service is all too common these days. As consumers, we hear about it from others and experience it in our own lives. We try to be patient and understanding when service doesn’t meet our expectations, but anger, frustration and dissatisfaction are becoming all too common.

We’re not perfect at Polk-Burnett, but I’m proud to say that our employees meet your expectations on member surveys year after year. In 2022, co-op members gave us a satisfaction score of 9 out of 10, and in our bi-weekly surveys following transactions, co-op employees received scores of 90% and greater for member service.

Throughout the year, we create opportunities for you to share feedback. Whether you respond to a survey or social media post, send us an email or stop by the co-op office or annual meeting in person, we're always happy to see you and hear from you. Connecting with you helps us meet your expectations and the needs of our local community.

Our goals to meet your expectations include:

1. Having the most knowledgeable, best trained, technologically efficient and service-oriented employees.

2. Being the best technologically equipped co-op, with the right employees in the right positions to use technology to reduce costs, work more efficiently and improve member service.

3. Continuously working to lower the number and duration of power outages, and when the lights do go out, we promise to restore your power quickly and safely, while keeping you informed. June 2023

Balance between high tech and high touch

Your co-op board and all of us at Polk-Burnett believe it’s important to use tools and technology to provide high-tech member service, while still maintaining a personal touch.

As an engineer, I’m always pleased when technology enables us to automate systems, improve efficiency and reduce costs. The co-op uses technology to enhance your member experience, not replace it. For example, providing answers to your FAQs on our website can free up member service representatives to handle more complex issues.

Convenient, self-service options for co-op members include our SmartHub app, online outage map, web forms, auto pay and phone pay. Member communication has also expanded with new digital channels; you can follow us on Facebook, subscribe to our email newsletter and live stream our annual meeting. We also send outage text alerts to all members with a cell number on your account.

While these new tools are exciting, we continue to serve you in person. Our lobbies and drive-up windows are open, and we regularly hear from members who appreciate our live co-op voices on the phone. We will always strive for the right balance between high tech and high touch to offer a member experience that’s efficient and enjoyable.

Summer reminders

New construction: See simple checklist on our website to help you hook up new electric service.

Move service line underground: Convert your individual service line from overhead to underground. Contact us for a price quote and underground line staking.